1974 tiger wood horoscopes in 2017


I'm born in 1974 tiger wood female my birth time was 8am n birth place was in Nepal Pls let me know about my future life

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As you don't tell me your date of birth, it's hard to predict your future.

For 2017 horoscope predictions for 1974 Tiger, you can visit here:

Sorry for missing my date of birth
My date of birth is 2nd July 1974
Birth time 8am in Nepal

My name is Yeshi Choedon, I have a son. He is 9 yrs old. My son's name is Tenzin Tseten. His date of birth is 15th August 2007 and birth time is 7.55am in Nepal. And pls let us know about our future life. Specially in 2016 is not good for my business so pls let me know how about in coming year 2017
How about me n my son try to visa in USA and also my love life

I born in 4/28/1974 I female birth time 4 am I want to know about my future life. please help me
My boyfriends birthday is Sheep, May 17, 1979. I am Tiger, March 11, 1974 born at 7:19. I don't know if it was AM or PM. My question is whether or not we can build a nice future together. We've been together since November 23, 2015. He's very calm and I worry a lot.

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