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I am a Wood tiger born in 1974 month october on the 20th. I would like to know more about my career, wealth and replationship. My partner born on the year 1977 (snake). Can you guide me.

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Hi liewsteven,

You are positive and bold enough to accept challenges and like the competitive works. You could have a good result in career at the same time get appreciation and recognition from others. You'd better not get involved in handling a dispute in life because you may escalate the dispute due to your hot temper. This is also not good for your carrer.

Your income mainly comes from the pursuit of ideal and goal. As long as you insist on, you will have good luck for wealth.

Tiger and Snake harm each other resulting the things don’t go smoothly when stay together. Your relationship needs great effort to maintain. You two should be learn how to live happily and harmoniously.
Thank you so much for your reply. Appreciated that alot. One more question regarding my money luck. I am kind of in the middle of having some financial crisis at the moment. Every business that i deal where you can see the meat going into your mouth and then all off sudden some obsticles occur such as delays in confirming the order or the order being cancelled. When my financial crisis will end. In a dillema now. Please guide me. very stress and plans to get married end of this year. What should i do? Can i do chanting to clear my mind or do you have a better ways? Please guide me. Thank you

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