Are we match as a couple for marriage


I am a boy born 1974/11/06 wood tiger on november and my girlfriend is earth horse born on1978/10/21 october : are we good couple as wood and earth are controling not generating elements :is there any points to know about our relationship and how to solve our problem in marriage? Thank you

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Hi Alireza korourian,

Your girl friend is under the Horse sign. In Chinese zodiac, Tiger and Horse are the best matches in love and marriage. Both of you are open-minded, enthusiastic and good at communication, which makes you a happy and vigorous combination.

Wood controls the Earth. So, you will be in the dominate position in your relationship or family. If you want you have a harmonious life, you need to give more freedom to her. As Wood generates Fire and fire generates Earth, if there is a person in your family who is the fire element, that's good for your relationship.
Yes, Tiger man and Horse woman is a match made in heaven!

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