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I want to know how compatible I and my husband are. He is a horse. We had been married since 1970 . Tho we love each other and faithful to one other, we have a difficult marriage in the sense that we cant agree on so many things. I dont like the way he treats me thats why we had for several times lived apart from one another only to return to each other after that. He is already 73 and I am 69. What will I do to keep our marriage intact. I love him so much and it pains me more when we are apart. My husband on the other hand , when we are apart, is a recluse, dont socialize and practically lives an ascetic life and tells me that life had lost its meaning. Can we stay together until the end of ones life?

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Hi, if you are 69, I think you belong to the dog sign.

In Chinese astrology, the horse and dog are very compatible with each other and can live to the old.

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