why doesn't 1958 show on the charts


when i look at all of the years listed in the horoscopes 1958 isn't listed,

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Yes, there is no 1957/1958 there at present because few of our visitors were born in 1958. We'll add it later. In fact, Roosters almost enjoys the similar fortune in the year. You can check here to get a general prediction about your fortune in 2017:
I am an earth dog born in 1958, and I most certainly would appreciate your posting. Remember that most of us will live at least to 80 years old, so it is in your best interests to include us older folk.
Hi Gao Bo Hong,

Yes, you are right. We have limited editors and will add the horoscopes for every sign of every year one by one. Thank you for your support.

You people are amazing Monica, i just wish that please continue your awesome work

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