Are we compatibleand does he love me

Asked by R***a | 2/8/2017 10:58:44 PM

my boyfriend is pisces born on 22/02/1997 and im saggitarius born on 04/12/99 i wanted to know if we are really compatible and whether he really love me since we ve been together for 2 years and i really still dont know whether he really loves me like i do or not since we ve been through lots of up and down he s made TONS OF BIG MISTAKE ive forgiven him but now i no more want to be in a relationship with him since he s been breaking my heart with all the mistakes he s done he doesnt seem as of he ll change or not or if he really loves me or not
ive already told him that i want to breakup but he doesnt want to and he has already threatened me not to leave him and if i left him and re start my life with someone else he ll take revenge from me ... i need help i really dont understand whether its love or obstinacy or addiction plz help me thank you so much for having taking me into consideration

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A***e 2/9/2017 4:19:55 AM

He is Ox and you are Rabbit in Chinese Zodiac. Ox and Rabbit are not compatible.

You are a pair that needs frequent communication and adjustment to make your love happy. During the early period of your acquaintanceship, the female rabbit feels that the male ox is honest, realistic and reliable, and the male ox also finds the female rabbit refined, capable, kind and easy-going. However, along with a further intimate acquaintance with each other, they will have have many conflicts as the disadvantages of the male ox couldn't be tolerated by the female rabbit.

In terms of your zodiac signs, Pisces is also not compatible with Sagittarius. These is the worst match. You tend to chime in easily but need to make more efforts to maintain the long relationship.

I think the behavior of your boyfriend shows he loves you but he doesn't know how to love you in real. You'd better talk with him with your heart and let him know your thought. If he couldn't change, break up is the best way or you will suffer more in the future.

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