Why am I consider a Rat


My birthday is February 9 1961 and that is the sign of the OX but it keeps telling me that I am a Rat please explain why.

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Hi Tammala479,

There are two ways for Chinese people to calculate their zodiac signs:
1. Lichun (the beginning of Spring) in the Chinese lunar calendar means the beginning of a new zodiac, a new year, and the first solar term of the 24 solar terms. In 1961, the beginning of Spring fell on Feb. 4. So, you were born after 1961 new year and you belong to the Ox sign.
2. Based on the first day of the New Year of the Chinese lunar calendar. Your birthday on Chinese lunar calendar is December 24, 1960. It's before the Ox year 1961. So, you belong to the Rat sign.

Most people use the second way to calculate their zodiac signs. So, you are considered to be born in the Rat year.
Thanks that really help me understand.

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