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can you let me know what future holds for me and my new family, as we just married, and both of us are Rat sign( i am water Rat and my wife is wood Rat). will we fulfill our wishes?
I appreciate your reply
thank you

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Hi Reza,

Two Rats people are compatible with each other in love in Chinese culture. Undoubtedly, you will treat each other sincerely, and both of you are deeply attached by the family life. However, you are so acquainted with each other that you may feel to be the mirror of the other when staying together. Thus, there is a lack of mystique to attract each other. So, you need to always give the other a feeling of freshness to keep your love long.

In terms of your elements, 'Water makes Wood grow', they are in a inter-promoting cycle. So, you could encourage each other and try together to fulfill your wishes. You are sure to have a happy family and enjoy a happy marriage life.
How about me and my husband. I'm Earth Dragon and my husband is Water Dog.

Dragon and Dog are not compatible. Also, Water and earth are not compatible. Just for your reference. The theory is not accurate to everyone.

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