Whens a safe date to have jaw surgery in 2020. My birthday is 11-20-1982


I need to have tmj surgery and I'm worried about the planets that are in retrograde that might effect the outcome of this surgery. Could I get some input regarding this and even some good dates for this? My dr wants to do the procedure on June 9th but I can resechule it need be. Thank you very

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June 15, June 22 and June 28, 2020 are all auspicious dates for you to have jaw surgery. Wish you a success!

(I am not professional) I am not know about your personal auspicious days, but when I consider the Moon phase (in general, not only for you), it is not good to have an operation on any of those dates 😔 Good dates (related to speed of recovery of the surgery) are 7.-13. June, and 19. and 20. June. But it is up to you. Wish you all the best 🍀

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