can you predicit my baby gender


Hi my date of birthday 20 of may 1982 and i am 5 weeks pregnant due date is nov 2016. can you please predict whether i am having a girl or boy.

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Chinese Gender Predictor

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There are many ways to predict your baby's gender. You are suggested to go to the doctor for help to predict in order to get the accurate answer.

Here I could only offer your what Chinese baby gender chart shows for your baby's gender, it's not completely right to everyone but proved to be right to 70% of the people:

Your lunar conception month: January
Lunar age at the time of conception: 35
Prediction of Baby Gender: Boy
Easy ways to predict:
To see your belly Shape: If it looks like a watermelon, you may get a baby girl. If it looks like a basketball, boy maybe.

If you are felexible to move, you may get a baby boy, and if you feel you are clumsy, may be a girl.

If you find your nails grow faster and stronger than before, more chances of a boy.

If you find your skin becomes smooth and your look more beautiful than beofore, you may get a baby boy. Otherwise, a gir.

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