What's the meaning of Ring of Saturn? What should I do to get rid of this sign?


I'm 20 years old guy, and I have a "Ring Of Saturn". which is clear and deep upside on my Saturn mount.
Can you please confirm me what's the meaning of this sign?
And if It is unauspicious then what should I do to get rid of this sign or keep far away myself from it's meaning?
I'm too stressed right now.

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Hi Haider Kazmi,

Ring of Saturn is an inauspicious line which represents imprisonment, constraint, difficulty, obstacle, frustration and so on, and indicates you will be constrained by environment to display your ability. If the Ring of Saturn is clear and deep, it indicates you are intelligent, quiet and unwilling to declare your opinions on anything. Despite the high ideal, you lack of persistence and often fail to achieve the ideal; or you are self-willed and deaf to friends' advice, thus have few intimate friends, poor relationship with relatives, commit mistakes repeatedly and fall into the abyss of sin.

Palm lines usually change with times. Take it easy if you have the ring. As long as you improve the self-cultivation, broaden your mind, maintain an optimistic mood, communicate with others more, avoid going into a dead end, have more empathy and tolerance and change your personality, the ring will get shallow and disappear.

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