My Fate Line starts from "Moon Mount" and ends at "Saturn Mount".6 months ago,I have a trident at the end of fate line on "Saturn Mount" so I was happy.But now in these days that trident converted in to a 8 forks big star on "Saturn Mount".According to many Palmists and palmistry websites the star on "Saturn Mount" tells clear-cut that this person will go to prison on the charges of murder.So now I'm too stressed. What should I believe?
In chinese astrology what is the meaning of big star at the end of Fate Line that is held on "Saturn Mount"?
Thank you

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Hi Haider Kazmi,

Following is the meaning of big star at the end of Fate Line that is held on "Saturn Mount" in Chinese astrology.

Unusually, the Saturn mount below the middle finger is the end point of the fate line. If the star is at the end of the fate line, it suggests that you are blessed in career and will make great achievements; if the star is at the top of the fate line and looks like a branch of the fate line, it indicates that you will make great achievements in many aspects. Of course, the star on the Saturn mount also suggests that you are self-willed and not good at conducting in the society, thus have few intimate friends and will be lonely in old age.

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