What is my lucky date to open a water refilling business?


I'm a woman, born in 1981 and will be opening a business next year 2017. What is the best/lucky date for me to start my water refilling business? What are the do's and dont's that i need know to have my business run smoothly. Thanks in advance and happy new year!

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There are lucky dates for you starts your business in each month of 2017. Please let me know your preferred month to start first, then I'll provide you auspicious dates in the month.

As your sign is Rooster and 2017 is year of the Rooster. You'll meet your zodiac year in 2017. It's said people in his zodiac year is not good to start business as the fortune will be fluctuate. You'd better wear red such as red belt, shoes, socks, clothes and underwear to pursue good fortune and avoid disaster.
What month and date to start building my water refilling station this year 2021. Thank you. More power on you!

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