Wedding 2020


What is the best wedding day for:
Male 09/20/1990
Female 04/30/1984
Also is February 29 2020 auspicious? If not what would be the ideal date in 2020
Thanks so much

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Hi Dionys Fuster,

February 29 2020 is not an auspicious date for wedding. You should not choose that day. Chinese lunar January and June are two best months for you to get married. Do you have a plan in which month to get married? I'll help you find the auspicious dates in the month you prefer.
We wanted February 2020 (Gregorian calendar)
Can you help me select days for January, February and March (Gregorian calendar) and also June. Saturday wedding preferably.
Also we wanted to do a Chinese wedding and a western wedding. Should we pick auspicious days for both or just the Chinese?
Thanks so much for all your help!
Jan 25, Feb 01, Feb 22 and Jun 27 are auspicious days for your wedding.

As the calendar is created by the Chinese, you need to select one of the above days for your Chinese wedding. For western wedding, you can also select one of the above dates or select other days as you like.

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