So would an Ox and a Monkey be a good match


I am a water Ox and I wondered if things would work out with a metal monkey? I am currently with a water pig and that has not gone well at all. Just wondered the thoughts.

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According to the zodiac match, the Ox and Pig match is better than the Ox and Monkey.

The male Ox and female Pig match is a very suitable one due to your good personalities. The male ox is dependable and full of enthusiasm about his work, with specific goals and diligent attitude. The female pig is gentle, enthusiastic, easy-going and rich in self-sacrifice willingness. She can always give the male ox full support and encouragement, and cooperate with her husband perfectly. With the female pig beside, the male ox's reticence and obstinacy can be swept away.

The female Ox and male Pig is also a lively pair. You are really gone on each other, but you need a long mutual accommodation period to make your relationship better due to your different life experiences. The male pig is steady, open-minded, conscientious and responsible, and the female ox is gentle, cultivated, diligent and systematic. The male pig often gets angry because of the female ox's excessive devotion to work and conservative life style, while the female ox hopes the male pig could bring her more material luxury.

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