Was about to get married but ran away


Last night I dreamt about me getting married. I don't remember everything but I do remember most of the stuff. I was about to get married and I'm only 18 to someone I don't know, he's fat, has dark skin and short and rich. And we were getting ready for marriage but then someone showed me a letter about him being involved in corruption and that my friend had investigated on him. From the start I wasn't happy or sure about it and it just made me not want to marry him but we were in debt(in dream)and I apparently loved someone else plus I didn't want to marry someone who would be going to prison. He found out about the letter and I asked him not to harm my friend and to my surprise he listened to me really well maybe cause he loved me lol. I told my mummy and my elder sister about the letter and how unsure I was about the marriage, then my mum suggested you can run away we have to pack up your clothes either way and if you are not happy about this just run away. I was in dilemma but eventually decided to run away and they helped me. After I got to my lover's house our family and his family talked and I was allowed to stay there. I heard my sister and mum talking about how I could have married that guy and help them with their debts, I was shook to hear that and I don't really remember after that. In the end I never got married. I had similar dream before I was about to get married but run away.

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Hi Tang Ning lin,

This dream shows you are eager to get married but afraid that after marriage there will be many problems.

Or, it shows you want to escape from a love relationship now and sometimes you feel scared in life which makes you want to find a place to hide or a person to protect you.

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