had two dreams last night


I had two dreams last night both seems to be weird. First one goes this way, I was in school, playing in school ground with lots of other students. Suddenly at a distance we all saw a tiger and every one ran away and me too every one entered the class room and locked the door but I saw one student was running to hide and I opened my door but unfortunately tiger got entered in my room as well we were five in numbers. Tiger didn't attacked us and doesn't seems hungry or angry and opt to harm us any way and I was offering him long grass. And dream got distracted. I wonder what does it symbolize? The truth is I am not a school student any more and I have already graduated.

And second one goes this way, I was arrested with handcuff in my hand in some unknown country by police in a moving train and I was asking the reason to arrest me with the police and there was one more unknown guy also being arrested similar to me. I was continuously arguing with police and in a one point when the train stopped at the station, police asked us to run away and we both run away. Other guy ran faster than me and as we were about to finished stairs down other guy got shooted back and they also shoot me at back. I wonder if you can interpret these dreams to me as I saw two dreams.

Thank you

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Hi Nischal Rajbhandari,

The first dream about tiger indicates you may be transferred to the other position or change work recently.

The second dream shows you may did something wrong to others recently. It reminds you to admit your mistake and ask for forgiveness from the other. Also, you have a large pressure which makes you couldn't concentrate on your work.

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