wants to the meaning of my dream


i dream to descend from the sky after a rainfall, i landed on ground and then called my dad and brothers moving around a land my dad has bought, whiles moving around i saw plenty fishes big and small and all kinds,telling my dad they are all for me. since that dream i have been searching for the meaning for it.

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Descending from the sky to the earth in the dream means you will recover health after suffering from a deadly disease or great sorrows.

Dreaming of a fish means fortune. In Chinese, fish (鱼) has the same pronunciation with “余” and “裕”,which means richness. So, the dream of a fish is related to fortune and richness.
please i wish you help me out with this problem please,this is not a dream but am now with two girls of which i don't know the one to marry so please can you help me through please.

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