My love life


He is a Tiger 10/16/1962. I am a Monkey 6/4/1968.
No communication. Tiger is very negative and irritable.
Monkey wants to talk to Tiger but is scared of upsetting him.
Where is this headed?

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Hi suz,

In Chinese culture, Tiger and Monkey really are hard to communicate as they have different personalities. If there is a person born in the Rat year in your family, he/she may be a helper to your relationship.

In terms of Feng Shui, you are sugegsted to choose the bedroom which is located in the North or Southeast direction. In color, you'd better decorate more with the black and blue color. Wear ornaments made of crystal or place Rat ornament at your home or have a fishbow to breed fish also could help to boost your family harmony.

You'd better learn his interests and try to do that with him together.

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