Premonition dreams?


I have always had intuitive dreams. When I was in my mid twenties I dreamed my dad would be rich and a few years ago some investments paid off and now he has a lot of money! I have dreamed about everyone of my close friends pregnancies before they happen! Not just a few, but I have dreamt of at least 15 pregnancies before they have happened! I have had at least three spiritual dreams of God and within the dreams they all delivered messages that I was desperately seeking. I lost my step mom to cancer over a year ago and she came to me in a dream 3 weeks later after she passed and told me lots of bad things were going to happen and sure enough there were many deaths and job lays offs within our families after she came and gave me a warning in my dreams. Why does this happen to me? Is it because I am a libra or just open minded that results in a greater intuition?

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Hi BriH,

There are few chances for people to have intuitive dreams. Dreams come from within. You may think too much about something and it will be reflected in your dream. As you know 'One dreams at night what one thinks in the day'.

The intuitive voice may speak through a dream to provide direction, guidance or a warning. If you believe, it is there. Otherwise it is not. Sometimes the dream shows quite the opposite to what is going to be. So, don't worry too much about your dream and don't belive it fully.

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