The man murders his girlfriend in cold blood then has sex with her.


As I stood in front of a man of the Punjabi race I see him grab his girlfriend it seems as if she did something wrong but he became angry and got a blade and began slicing her while the blood gushes from her body. My dream then jumps to a scene to where the man was crying because of what he done looking over a puddle of blood. After that from a distance I was standing watching that man in the bedroom having sex with the body that was no longer breathing. Then there was blood splattered on the carpet of that room then I woke up!

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It's may caused because you saw a film having violent scenes recently. You are suggested to watch comedy films before you sleep to make you relaxed.
It indicates there will be unhappy things happen around you especially in terms of your personal relationship. You'd better leave far away from those people whom you have differences with recently.

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