Man covered in blood


I had a dream about a man covered in blood sitting there and as soon as I passed him and the boy I was with started to walk by the man stood up I couldn’t talk or scream to get him to run away and the man ate the boy I was with.

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Hi Savannah peterson,

Do you watch some horror movies recently in waking life? This dream may be related to what you see in TV or movies recently.

If not, the dream may indicate you have a great fortune in wealth recently. You may have an expected income.
Hi. A few days back I dreamt something similar. It was a man covered in blood who was put in a cellar in a huge creepy building . He is tied while there is blood pouring out of everywhere . It was like you can’t see the man’s face because he has blood coming out of everywhere and he is angry. A man takes me up in the building to show this. I don’t remember much of what happened later but it sure was scary as hell. Wonder if it has some sort of meaning or it’s the manifest of what goes inside your head

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