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Hi there
My DOB 25 june1988
My Hubby DOB 12 May 1988

I am planning to give my Nclex
Licensing exam for Nursing in March 2017
Lucky dates for that test nd my future career inNursing profession.

2)overall our future with every aspect in our life

We had one baby boy DOB 12 March 2015


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Hi Reet,

Except March 12 and March 27, other days in March are all OK for you to have the test.

You two are both under the Dragon sign which is a very good sign among 12 Chinese Zodiac signs. In traditional Chinese culture, Dragon is a symbol of imperial power and represents dignity and honor, also marks fortune and success. You are usually ambitious and creative. Males are vigorous while females are confident and passionate. Generally, you tend to have good luck in life: in youth, you may fail easily because of your stubbornness; in middle age, you should behave properly to improve your character and take preventive measures for everything; in your old age, you might do as you wish without overstepping the line.

In terms of wealth, you were born with the good luck for windfalls, you will get a windfall easily and you think that money is just a means of realizing your dream rather than the most important thing in life.

As for health, you are vigorous, strong, healthy and full of energy no matter what you do; you seldom get sick but may get hurt accidentally due to your active nature. Therefore, you should pay attention to safety while going out to prevent the accident; at ordinary times, you should avoid fire wound and burn. Since Dragon belongs to earth in five elements while earth symbolizes the spleen and stomach in human body, you will be prone to have stomach diseases and should pay attention to your daily diet.

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