Soulmates? Twin flames real? What is this beyond special connection?


Been through with what you would call "hell and back" to be short. Love at age 13 we were...14 years later we raise two beautiful daughters, 8&4 yes of age. The eldest child is not his. Life experience led us here I've been absolutely sure of now. We are 27 now and more than ever do I know we're special like the others out there??? Is a twinflame or soul partner is he?? I know our future involves nothing but of success on building what we so long ago began.
He saw me walking from his the first time his eyes met with my person from a football feild away he knew deeply and truthfully... "This is her"
I'm only finding this out as we move forward and that's most amazing to my soul.
Nothing has made this sense ever between him and I.

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