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A 42yr old born 13th November 1974 when to conceive in October 2015 for twin baby boy

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Do you have in your family the genes in having twin siblings? Or relatives that have twin siblings? It will be much easier it you have.

There are some ways that could increase the chances to get twin baby boy.

According to Chinese baby gender calendar, the whole October are good for you get pregnant with baby boy. So, you should monitor your ovulation cycle and attempt to have intercourse as close to your scheduled fertile days in October as possible. Also, you should avoid having intercourse 3 to 4 days before you ovulate.

Besides, you are suggested to eat more foods during breakfast like cereal. Before get pregnant, you'd better take folic acid that can help to increase the chance of getting male twin babies.

Also, eat dairy foods and yams can increase the chance.
Pls which day is the scheduled fertile days counting from the day of last period
14 to 16 days before your next period is your ovulation date and fertile days last from five days before the ovulation date to four days after the ovulation date.
Hi I want concieve baby boy this year plz help my DOB is 13/08/85 and my last period was 4 th October 2015 thank you
Hi Mahi ,

The Chinese baby gender chart shows the rest months are not favorable for you to conceive a baby boy. If you believe in the chart, you'd better plan next year.
Want to have a baby boy My actual d o b is 22 -8-1983 don't know the lunar age plZ help
Hi Ektaohri,

The Chinese age is based on the conception date. Not sure your conception date, so couldn't tell your Chinese lunar age.

If you want to get the best dates for preferred baby gender, you can get here easily:

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