Residence relocation on 26 June 2018


I was helping my auntie to look for auspicious date.
Looking at june 26th. Yours show auspicious but my cousin feedback tat others show otherwise.
I am only helping but upon realising the date could  be inauspicious made my mind wondering now...
Need your help for advice.

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Hi Sharon Yeo,

The Calendar in this website doesn't show June 26th is auspicious for residence relocation.

What's your auntie's date of birth and when they plan to move?
Your website shows auspicious.
Pls find info as per ur request:
11.2.1951 rabbit
25.2.1955 goat
3.10.1980 monkey

Bdw... wat does "evil North" mean?
Oops! Sorry ...its May 26 instead of June 26.
Does it matter If my location is facing NE but calendar shows "evil north"?
Auspicious date still apply?
What about June 11th 2018? Consider auspicious for residence relocation?
Pls advise. Thank you.
Hi Sharon Yeo,

Both May 26 and June 11th 2018 are auspicious dates for residence relocation to them.

It doesn't matter If my location is facing NE but calendar shows "evil north". "evil North" means it's not good on the day to move towards the north direction.
Hi! I am confused cos my very 1st question for May 26th is not answered. It shows a auspicious date but not on other many lunar calendars....
Which other lunar calendar do you refer to? The traditional Chinese almanac shown on this site is the same as the one Chinese people use in daily life. If you find different versions, they may be wrong.

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