Residence Relocation, Bed Installation and Moving Date


For Residence Relocation, is it very important for all family members to be present during the auspicious time of entry into house? if the family member has to work, cant take leave, can he step into the house after work at night. If that is the case, can we skip the whole charcoal burning ritual procedure?

Can we install bed in advance before this date, but slant the mattress and on actual relocation date, put the mattress in position? If possible would want to find auspicious date for bed installation same date as relocation date. Its not easy to find all the same good dates for all these events.

Can the Moving date be a different date or same date as relocation date? Must Residence Relocation date be before moving date for used bulky items, like fridge, washing machine, microwave and our boxes of used clothes? As I understand that only new furniture can go before human. Old used items must enter on same day after we have entered house or on another day after that, but not before Residence Relocation Date? Is it true? Appreciate your advise, Mary.

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