residence relocation in clashes animal sign in family member


im trying to choose a good day to do a residence relocation, but unfortunately it clashes with one of my family member who is not permanently living with us, but helping with the relocation and will be staying with us for a month. Should i take their animal sign in consideration? Another thing , im trying to find the best time to do a residence relocation by looking at the auspicious timing, but the timing is a little out, Zi
23:00-00:59 and Chou 01:00-02:59 , how do i move in the middle of the night and morning? I thought relocation is to be done in the morning and before noon. Thanks..

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Hi ann,

If that member is not permanently living with you, you can not consider his/her sign in consideration.

You can choose other time to move during the daytime. The most important two person's sign should be especially considered when choosing the timing.
I dont know how to read the relocation timing, my husband will not be around when we are relocating, so its only my children my mum( not permanently living with me) and I. My horoscope is Rooster, and i would like to relocated on the 13th July, may i know what time is best for relocation , moving in and bed installation?I tried to read the detailed auspicious time, but its confusing me , dont know how to read it. Thank you so much..
Hi ann c,

It's good for move in and bed installation during 07:00-09:00 on the 13th July to you.

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