Require an auspicious day in May 2017 between 15-31 dates.


Hi, My wife is due to deliver in May 2017. As per doctor this would be a csection delivery only and doctor has told to pick a date initially between 15-17th May 2017 and the next checkup with doctor is on 5th May where this will be further confirmed. Hence i kindly request your assistance to find the auspicious day for the csection delivery such that we the parent, my first child and the new born baby will have all the best of times in terms of wealth, wisdom, education, happiness, comforts and all things to lead a haooy and good life. Thank You in advance.

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Do you know your wife's zodiac sign? The day you choose should not clash her sign.

Auspicious dates for her to select to do c-section include May 16th (Clash Rooster), 20th (Clash Ox), 22th (Clash Rabbit), 28th (Clash Rooster)

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