Recurring Dream - Trying to figure out meaning - Story progresses every time.


Throughout this month I have had a recurring, each time progressing. It is quite confusing but I'm curious to shed some light on it. Heres the 3 I have had so far.

12/8: After school I am walking home with a girl when we decide to take a long route. We have walked a few miles when the girl begins to smell something weird. We soon spot a house, and go to investigate. Inside, there is blood on the ground with several bodies. In the next room over, a man is sitting there. Once I spot him I can't move and he scratches the girl, but we both run. Dream ends with us running across a corn field.

12/17: We arrive to the town, and go to the police. They accompany us to the house; however there is blood still on the ground but no man, and no footprints. Bodies are gone. However when leaving, I spot the man looking through the corn before he turns away. Dream ends.

12/28: While on a trip with a friend, we end up lost. We enter a trailer to find the same scene as the first dream, blood & bodies with the same man. However this time he grabs the boy I'm with and decapitates him. I run, dream ends with me arriving in town.

Notes: Girl in 12/8 is someone I know from school, she is very nice and I have sort of a crush on her.

There are many cornfields where I live in New York, literally everywhere.

Boy in 12/28 sits next to me in Math. Whilst he can be annoying, he is innocent and naive, so I feel protective of him.

This may be too perplexing, but help would be appreciated!

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