Asked by K*** | 12/17/2017 11:43:41 AM


In the dream section for pregnant women it says if you are receiving flowers it hints to be pregnant with a girl. I had a dream of making a bouquet with different colors one of them being blue. Does the blue color denote having a boy?
Would really appreciate your response!!
Thank you

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R***e 12/18/2017 12:52:05 AM

Hi Kathy Dee,

Yes, the blue color flower in dream denotes you are having a baby boy. If they are of many different colors, you may get a girl.

K*** 12/18/2017 5:00:32 AM

Thank you so much Rose for answering! The blue was amongst white, yellow and orange. Although I should mention that one night last week I had a dream that I was walking with a stroller and walked into a room that had pink bouquet of flowers everywhere and then walked down a staircase (Still with the stroller) that had white and green flowers from the top to the bottom of the staircase. I thought wow I might be having a girl because of all the flowers I saw and now I had this dream with flowers again with that blue I saw. In that same dream I had seen clear vases. What's your opinion on this?

R***e 12/18/2017 7:05:06 PM

Hi Kathy Dee,

Al the dreams are indications of baby girl.

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