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Dear Kendy,

What is 喜神, 用神 , 饿命 ?

Tq from Lucy

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喜神 is the god of good fortune called by the fortune teller. People always want to avoid evil and pursue good, so they must create a god of joy. Marriage is a great pleasure in life and the wedding ceremony is inseparable from the god of joy. According to the old custom, the bride must sit towards the position of the god of joy. 喜神 is the second best five elements that can assist 用神 and increase the 用神's power.

用神 is a special term in Chinese traditional four-poster and eight-character prediction. Specifically refers to the day stem or earth branch used to remedy the deficiency of the eight character. One of the five elements that can play a role in making up for the detrimental effect; for example, if one was born in the You 酉 month, and there is no water, the day pillar must be weak, and it can take water or wood as 用神.

饿命 Hungry Fate is based on the four pillars and eight characters, using the five elements you lack to adjust your life factors, to make the five elements tend to be balanced, and supplement the missing five elements in the eight characters, thus change your date. "Hungry" does not mean that you only need a certain five elements, but refers to the five elements that you need to supplement most. Some people are hungry for money, and they also need water. Some people are hungry for metal, and they also need fire.

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