my husband has 3pty


i was curious whats the effect of my husband having an affair now..will he regret what hes doing and comes back to us or will he be settling for good with his mistress he was born dec 24 1983

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Hi Julian,

I'm sorry to hear this.

Your husband is under the pig sign in Chinese zodiac. In Chinese astrology, pig men born in 1983 are easy to fall into the entanglement of the triangle.

Does he know you have known he is having an affair now? If he doesn't know, try to solve the problem between you two first. There must be some reasons causing him to love another woman. You'd better use your ways to let him be back to you. Many women choose to get divorce when they know this. If you still love him, don't choose this way. Do yourself best and let him feel guilty to you and he will come back.

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