husband attacked and killed by tiger then snake


So dream was very vivid. Husband and I were in an old abandoned building that we somehow knew. Husband was looking at something and then I yelled for him to come to me but he said no. Was then attacked from above as a fully grown tiger jumped on his back. As tried to shake tiger off him a large anaconda wrapped itself around bothy husband and tiger and squeezed them both to their deaths and I was unable to help him.

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Hi Verocky,

Dean of Tiger attacking your husband is not a good sign. It indicates you or your relatives or friends will have difficulties recently. It reminds you should watch out more about your health and the health condition of your family members.

Luckily, the anaconda appeared in your dream and squeeze them to death. It's auspicious. It means, the situation will become better and you will have a good luck finally.

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