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Hi since the start of my marriage it has been very difficult because of my i laws intervention. I just want to know if their is any incompatibility between me and my husband. My DOB is January 27,1987 his is July 25,1983. I love my husband despite of our situation and hurtful things happened but for my husband I'm not sure. Please let me know thank you.

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Hi Annica,

Your sign is Tiger and he is Pig. In Chinese Zodiac, Tiger belongs to ‘Yang’ and the Pig belongs to ‘Yin’. The Tiger and Pig are just in one of the six compatible groups which are set according to the combination of Yin and Yang. The two animals in the same group could get along well and give each other a great help no matter in love life or career.

However, there is incompatibility between your birth element. Your birth element is fire and his is water. Water controls Fire and they are in the controlling (inter-restraining) cycle. So, your incompatibility may caused by this.

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