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can please give advice on Feng Shui for opening the business on October.

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Hi liz tiu,

Here are some tips for you in terms of Feng Shui:

1. The door of the laundry had better face south or east.
2. A high flow of customer traffic is paramount for laundry. So, when you choose the place, choose the place where there are a high flow of people.
3. The laundry should be located on the flat place instead of on a slope.
4. In front of your store, no wall, big tree, advertising board, wire pole etc. to block your store please.
5. The most important Feng Shui is the good service provided by you.
6. Auspicious dates in October to open it for you include: October 2nd (Clash Pig), 7th (Clash Dragon), 15th (Clash Rat), 21st (Clash Horse), 27th (Clash Rat), 31st (Clash Dragon). You can choose one of the dates that doesn't clash your sign to open it.

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