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hello admin,
I dreamt of moving home but i didn't knew the reason of moving.And i didn't knew the owner of my new home but as i was carrying my stuff in the new home i found that the real owner of the house is my neighbor of old home whom i hate most.What could be the meaning of this dream?

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Hi Nisal,

This dream shows your are not satisfied with your present living environment and hope to change it. You may want to change your job, make more different friends and start a new life.
Please i want to know about what the meaning of this dream...

My friend, also friend of my girlfriend,

my friend dreams that she is an angel and in that dreams I was a demon but the time demon has no face or clear face, the angel and demon was fall in love with each other, and that demon does everything for the angel,, but later the demon's face change and angel was saw that it was me ,, and that time , she so my girlfriend crying, and the demon say that "I love you both" demon love angel soulfuly and he love girlfriend physically...the end,

please what the meaning of this dream.?

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