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Asked by h***r | 12/8/2016 4:47:42 PM

I will be moving in Jan 2017. I have been given the date of 27 Jan as a potential move in date and have up to a week to move in. What would the best day be for a Dragon/Taurus? thanks!

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M***a 12/9/2016 2:42:32 AM

Hi Hoster,

27 Jan is an auspicious moving date for you. Besides, you can choose to move on 31 Jan.

H***r 12/9/2016 8:43:25 PM

Thank you Maria. Would the 28th and the 29th also be auspicious days to move in? Also, when you say 'moving date' do I physically need to move in or would it be ok to enter the new home to cleanse the home in terms of energy etc? - thanks so much!

M***a 12/10/2016 8:26:27 AM

Hi Hoster,

28th Jan is OK to move and 29th Jan is in auspicious to move.

You need to move and live there since the day on the auspicious moving date.

h***r 12/14/2016 12:03:46 AM

Thank you so much. What is the best way to bring good energy to a new home that has been renovated to bring love, prosperity and happiness?...are there any moving in rituals you can recommend?

Thanks so much!

M***a 12/14/2016 10:49:24 AM

Besides choosing an auspicious moving date, on the moving date, you'd better take some valuable things with you when first step into the house. Better turn on all the lights of your house during the night time of the day. If you have enough time, invite some friends to celebrate the moving after you finish the moving. That's what Chinese people usually do to bring good energy to a new home.

h***r 12/14/2016 2:27:25 PM

Thank you Maria!

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