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I have a mole on my middle of chest , one on my right cheek, wrist and one at bottom of my legs....what it means....

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Sorry....bottom of my foot not legs
Hi Pratibha verma,

In general,it's good to have a mole on the middle of the chest. It means you could be in charge of the money in your family and you are broad in mind. If the mole is red, that's much better. But you need to be more down-to-earth in order to get success more easily.

The one on your right cheek means you have a good luck in love and usually are attracted by the opposite sex.

The mole on Inner Wrist: It belongs to those who are wise, thoughtful and bold enough to face and solve difficulties.
The mole on Outer Wrist: It belongs to those who are careful, responsible, and promise-keeping, and follow the vows of marriage to take good care of their partners and families.

The mole at bottom of foot is very auspicious. It usually appears on the foot of leaders or superiors. You may get a high position in career because of owning this mole.
I am a woman and have a mole on my breast and underneath my left eye
Hi MsB,

The mole underneath the left eye indicates you are a woman who like to cry. You are easy to have great joys and sorrows. You usually pretend to be strong from appearance but in your inner heart, you are fragile.

I'm not sure where the mole locates on your breast. Could you tell me the exact location?
Greetings, I have 2 moles on the right side of upper lip, one just slightly smaller than the other and a little space between them, just below my neck on left side another mole and on both my breasts is a mole, situated at exact spot which is on the upper side of breast
Hello, just today I discovered a new mole just emerged since yesterday on my left breast. About 1-1.5 inch above my left nipple. What does it mean?
Hi MimiChan,

The mole on your left breast above the nipple shows that you are flexible in mind, good at business, and could have a great of wealth in life. The larger the mole, the more wealth you could have and the more prosperous life you will own. Also, your children are usually smart.

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