Mirror beside altar facing front door



We custom made an altar for our Kuan Yin (God of mercy)which beside have two rows of display cabinet
The cabinet has got mirror which reflect directly to my front door (entryway to my house), is that bad feng shui ? Any suggestion ? Any cures ?

My house is facing East AND Owner was born in 1969 (Year of Rooster).
Please advise.

Thank you.

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Hi Janet,

It's bad Feng Shui to have mirror at home which reflect directly to the front door. It's not good for health and wealth especially to the people who live in it. Just think when you come back home during the night and before you turn on the light, you could see reflection in the mirror. This will affect your sleep during the night and may make you have nightmare. Also, the mirror will reflect the good wealth fortune out of the door that makes your good fortune flow out.

You'd better remove the mirror for the cabinet or move the cabinet to other place.

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