Master Bedroom in North East corner and no other option.


I have a 1BHK rented house with East entrance, and the bedroom is in the North East corner of the house and kitchen in the south west corner, toilet in the ESE corner, bathing tub at the South east of the house drawing at the middle North and dinning at the north west, and a open garden at west side of the house. I van not move the bed to any other direction please let me know what can I do?

The Bedroom

there is all window at the East of the room and a big door to the west of the room, so we have 2 positions either the south wall or the north wall, even we have a dressing table and a long cupboard for us and a small cupboard for the baby.

Right now we have the bed place in center of the north wall with the cupboard opposite to the bed towards the south wall with its mirror sliding gates facing toward the north. At the south east of the bedroom we have the dressing table and the northwest of the room we have the child's cupboard. at the North east corner there is a small table for mobile charging wire and medicine box.

My husband is getting health issue and he is always low, my child keeps on shouting and does not listen. I am always in tension.

If there is any remedy please let me know, please note I do not have any other room to make it a bed room.

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