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hi, could you advise?
my kua number is 3, and i belong to the east group.
i wish to build a bedroom with floor-to-ceiling windows facing the sea. the position is north and my feet will point north too. the only way i can enter the bedroom is from the south, through a walk-in closet first and then into the bedroom. so this means i cannot see the bedroom door from the bed. is this bad?
west seems to be the most commanding position but that is my worst direction. if i sleep east i can view the bedroom door and walk-in closet. i cannot sleep north because the sea will be behind me. help please? thanks.

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North is the direction your feet should point to. It doesn't matter if you couldn't see the bedroom door from the bed. In fact, if the bed could be seen from the door, it's not good for guarding your privacy.
hey nick,
thank you!

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