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Hello..Hope you are well....My home front door faces east...should I avoid entering the home from this door? should I enter through my west or north back doors?

also my bedroom is in the southeast of the home, I only have two walls in bedroom east & south that I can use and they have windows. my north& west have doors where I can place my bed , the headboard is currently in the east position, what should I do?...I have been considering putting a bed in the northeast side of home, I hope you can help...thank you

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The east-facing front door suggests that the sun rises in the east, symbolizing vitality. This kind of direction is very good and is especially suitable for businessmen.

Do you mean there are to doors for your bedroom? If so, you need to only leave one door and place the headboard in the direction of the door you will change.
Thank you Kendy for taking the time to answer, I appreciate it.

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