hey i would like to ask you i was born in 1998 year of the tiger and my girlfriend was born in 1997 year of the ox ? is it better to live together if she is older than me 1 year and what should do we to avoid the conflict or argue with each other ? we really love each other but we just have a little bit problem sometime please help me and tell me what should i do? thanks you, is there any chance that we can live together harmony ?

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Hi rith,

Age is not a problem. It's ok for you to live together with her. In Chinese zodiac the male tiger and female ox belong to the medium match.

You are a couple lacking synergy. There are many contradictions in your personalities. Stubbornness may be the only common point between you. You are very realistic, unconventional and unrestrained, filled with rebellious blood in your body. Oppositely, she is a traditional well-bred lady who dreams of peace and conforms to the social conventions.

When you have sonflicts or arguements, you should avoid quarelling with her. Just tell her your real thought and if possible make concessions to her. If both of you are stubborn and no one yield, things will become worse.
oh my god thing will become worse ? i dont know why she always argue with me ? and now she said she doesnt want to care about me anymore ? :( please help me i tried to talk to her but

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