My dob 09.08.1992
Time of birth 1:30pm
Nd the person to whom I like
His dob is 23.11.1990
Time of birth 2pm
We both would b able to marry each other ? Nd how's our life would b with each other

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Hi Fatima,

You are monkey and hes is horse in terms of Chinese Zodiac. You are compatible but needs to have more communication and understanding in the future life.

Both of you are gifted and able to get out of difficulties with perfect ease. However, you have too many similarities, which results in conflicts easily. He is tactful, confident and opportunistic, while you are versatile, frank and shrewd. You may easily have disagreements when you are working together, but neither of you is willing to make a concession.
Thanks for ua concern but my question is not that details that you given to me ..i want to ask I would b able to marry that 1 ?
Where were you born?
I was born in sambrial pakistan
No, you will not marry this boy. You will have arranged marriage by your family.

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