Love Marriage or Arrange marriage?

Asked by N***h | 5/15/2018 3:45:37 AM

My sister was born on 12th February, 1988 at 16:55 (04:55 PM) in Delhi. She is in love with a boy who was born on 19th July, 1990 at 15:30 (03:30 PM) in West Bengal. There are many obstacles in her marriage. I want to know that whether she will have love marriage or arrange one as lots of people told her that her marriage life will not be smooth.

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L***y 5/15/2018 7:18:04 PM

Hi Nikita shah,

They are not suitable. If they stay for a long time, they will find they are with distinctive personalities and different attitude towards life. And there will be many disputes in life in the future.

She will have arranged marriage.

N***h 5/16/2018 2:02:28 AM

But she is quite adamant and is not listening to anyone. Is there any chance that they may come together?

L***y 5/16/2018 7:52:33 PM

Hi Nikita shah,

Give her some time. She will find they are not suitable and will give up.

N***h 5/16/2018 10:07:37 PM

Hi...Sorry to bother you again..but my parents are very much worried about her marriage, as she is already 30+ and there seems no chances of her getting married this year. Even they are worried that she may not get married as they may not find a suitable groom for her. Few people have also freaked them out that she will never find happiness in her marital life. We are very tensed at the moment.


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