Good morning sir/mam,I’m starting to put up my own bake shop business.
Can you please give me some advice /insights or Feng Shui to follow so that my business will successful. My b-day is 10/08/86
Thank you so much!

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Hi Marisol odtojan,

Whether your business will be successful is decided by many factors. If your cakes have good tasts, you have a good marketing strategy and you are passionate to your customers, you are more likely to get success. The location of your shop is also very important. If it's in a place with large traffic, there will be more chances for you to earn more.

Besides the above, Feng Shui also plays important role. First, you'd better choose an auspicious date to open the shop in order to be blessed with good luck. For the decoration of the shop, you'd better make the door large enough for the customers to see your cakes from outside clearly. The inner color had better use red color more which could arouse the customers' buying interests. You can also place a Feng Shui item good for attracting wealth in the shop. Pi Xiu, Kylin or Golden Toad are all okay.

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