is phase 5 blk 13 lot 20 is a lucky house number for year of the pig in 2016?


my zodiac is pig and we're planning to buy a house and move next year... and only phase 5 blk 13 lot 20 left...

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1, 5 , 9 is the lucky number for the Pig people in 2016.

Don't worry about the number. A good location is more important to you.
Its in the south
Hi, southeast is your lucky direction. South is not bad.

You should choose a house with a good light and airy. Check if the unit design is reasonable. If there is a river in front or a hill or mountain behind. It's good in Fengshui.
Before I can extend my assistance to you , can I know what is "phase 5 blk 13 lot 20 " ?
Helo rodolfo,

Have you bought the house? The numbers seems to be good to you.

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