Overall Prediction this 2018 (year of the Dog)


Hi, I'm Des I was born on August 1996, I've been so lucky on 2016 but the ending months of 2016 was so bad and it continued until the whole year of 2017. I was thinking about maybe it will be an odd-even situation like 2016, 6 is even number that's why I was so very lucky and that's also my year of birth, 1996 (6), 2017 was 7 which is an odd number. So i don't know if that's accurate but I need to know my luck this 2018, what should I avoid based from my zodiac and some tips because I'm planning to put up a business in in the middle of 2018...

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Hi Desiree Milla,

You will have average luck in 2018 and 2019. It will not so good like you in 2016 but it's better than 2017. You'd better don't expect too much and have a common mind in making money. Always keep a positive attitude in this 2018, you will be blessed with a good fortune.

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