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I'm a 1992 Monkey and my husband is a 1994 Dog, I'm pregnant and we're expecting our first son who will be born next year, 2022 year of the Tiger.

I know Dog and Tiger are very compatible, but Monkey and Tiger are know for fighting a lot and not getting along well.

How can a have a good relationship with my incompatible baby?

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Parents are different then normal comparability issues.
My moms a tiger and I’m a monkey. I kinda drive her nuts, but we are really really close.
This falls back on the aspect that tiger mothers are highly protective of their children, and that barrier is tossed out the window.
I’m not really sure how a monkey parent tiger child will work out, but I’m hoping it’s the same concept. Since me and my boyfriend are both monkeys, and our child is due next year as well.

Regardless there’s an older Chinese zodiac book my mom has, that I read as a kid, which states the differences in comparability when it comes to children. Don’t recall the name though.
But perhaps search for monkey parent tiger child links for better info on it

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